Beam Me Up Scotty! Can the New Cast Measure Up

Those who grew up with the original cast of Star Trek may have a difficult time envisioning the new cast in the beloved roles of Kirk, Spock, Scotty, and Bones. Preconceptions must be left at the door with this new cast. We have to forget about the original actors, if possible, to discover the merits of their “trekability!”¬ù

New actors have been cast due to the premise of the latest movie. The latest movie to be released in May 2009, is set in the past giving us the background of the main trekkie characters. We will finally discover how Kirk and Spock became officers and friends.

Will the camaraderie of the original cast be found within the new? Kirk and Spock came alive on the screen as friends because the cast not only could act, but had the same feelings outside of their characters.

Captain James T. Kirk is played by Chris Pine in the latest adventure. He has said he is not going to try to fill William Shatner’s boots. Instead he has formed his own characterization based on the script and his own interpretation. But, who is this Chris Pine? What has he starred in to make him qualified for the role?

He freely admits his was not up on his trekkie language! Romulan escaped him- and the Vulcan hand gesture is more difficult than it looks. Chris Pine has starred in films such as Smokin’ aces, Just My Luck, and the Princess Diaries 2. Chris was also in Six Feet Under, American Dreams, and CSI Miami for a few episodes. His filmography has varied widely. However, prior to Star Trek 2009 he has not starred in anything Sci-fi. It seems this is a start of a new trend for the actor. He will be in Quantum Quest and The Green Lantern in the near future.

The audience for the new Star Trek movie will no doubt be as diverse as the characters on the screen. Trekkies have had to wait a long time to see the original personas grace the movie theatres again. Those who are familiar with the older films will be waiting to hear Chris Pine’s rendition of “Beam me up Scotty!”¬ù

Despite the difference in years we have had to wait for a new Star Trek film the costumes remain similar to the originals. Still you will discover plenty of ideas when it comes to Captain James T. Kirk and the other officers.

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