Are you ready for the Three Stooges movie? Soitenly!!

Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk! Guess who’s back on the big screen, decades after the last member of the orignal comedy legends passed away? The Farrelly Brothers, the demented, madcap minds behind the comedy classic, Dumb and Dumber are reviving the Three Stooges for contemporary audiences for the big screen. It’s a risky venture considering how beloved the original — and inimitable — Three Stooges were to generations.

Comprised of two brothers (Moe and Curly Howard) and their longtime friend, Larry Fine, the Three Stooges were a vaudeville comedy team that used physical, slapstick humor in their act. Each Stooge had their designated role: Black-haired Moe with his distinctive, thick bangs was the ringleader and aggressor of the group, often bullying and picking on Curly and Larry. Larry, the level-headed (and frizzy haired) Stooge, still went along with Moe’s plans in spite of the fact that he knew better. (Larry just didn’t want to get bonked on the head. Can you blame him?) Perhaps the “Super Stooge,” was Curly, the big stooge with the crewcut and the mind of a happy-go-lucky and easily excitable child.

When Curly passed away, he was replaced by another Howard brother, Shemp. The group carried on until the mid-’70s when the last Stooge standing, Moe Howard, passed away. The group’s hilarity continued, however, in television reruns.

Now the Farrelly Brothers are attempting to resurrect the Three Stooges with a new movie in 2010 with well-known actors portraying the legendary Stooges in a comedy film. The film itself will not actually be biopic, but rather a fictional continuation of the misadventures of the Three Stooges.

Stepping into the roles of Moe and Curly are some rather unorthodox choices. Farrelly staple and muse, funnyman Jim Carrey will be playing Curly and may be a natural fit given his comedic timing and utter lack of shame to do anything for a laugh. Carrey will also be adding 40 lbs. to his lanky frame to get down the “look” of Curly on film.

While it’s easy to picture Jim Carrey as Curly, noted dramatic actor Benecio Del Toro is stepping into the role of Moe, the dark haired leader of the stooges.

The role of Larry was originally given to a highly unlikely choice, Sean Penn. Penn, however, left the project to take a break from acting. While no names have been revealed although the Farrelly Brothers have sent out a call to Penn’s successor in the role, actors like John C. Reily (Stepbrothers) and Paul Giamatti (who played in Fred Claus as Santa Claus and as John Adams in the HBO mini series have been mentioned as fan favorites for Larry.

Regardless of who gets to rock Larry’s frizzy auburn ‘do, The Three Stooges are timeless classics who would be welcome guests at any costume party. Jump aboard the Stooge Train, brush up on your best Curly Shuffle moves and try on some Three Stooges masks to trot out to your next costumed shin-dig. Perfect for going it solo, or with a gang of three, the “nyuks” keep on coming when the Stooges are around. Let’s hope the new batch can do the originals justice!

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