Are you pregnant? Looking for costume ideas?

After some “extensive research” online, here are some costume ideas for pregnant women:

Paint your belly orange like a pumpkin

Dress up as a catholic school girl

Pregnant nun

Wear black clothes and draw a white circle with an “8” drawn on on your belly….an 8-ball!

Be an oven bun

Playboy mommy

Mother earth: paint the world on your belly

Be the chicken and egg (your belly being the egg of course 🙂 )

Pretty unique: paint a nipple on your belly button and go as a breast 🙂

Caution tape. Wear a black clothes with yellow lines diagonally across that says “Caution: possible labor any minute!”

Egyptian “Mummy”: wrap yourself up in toilet paper or gauze.

Draw a basket ball on your belly

Be a Pregnant prom queen

An Easter Egg

Can you think of any other ideas? Feel free to share your pregnant costume ideas with us in the comments! Or find costumes related to the costume ideas above now.

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