Are witch costumes in or…OUT?

Witches have been a symbol of Halloween for ages, but it seems that witch costumes as we know them are not so much popular anymore…so what about bringing the witch costumes back this Halloween!?

A quick remember about what witches are about:

“Practices to which the witchcraft label have historically been applied are those which influence another person’s body or property against his or her will, or which are believed, by the person doing the labelling, to undermine the social or religious order.” thanks Wikipedia

Alright, pretty scary stuff! Why don’t kids want to dress as witches more! Would you consider being a witch this Halloween? Is it not original enough? Not SCARY enough!?

Plus, there are so many witch costumes ideas to choose from! Maybe most people do not know about it…Ok, let’s help out and list some costume ideas you might or not have thought of:

Fairy witch

Classic witch

Autumn witch

Flying witch

Sexy witch

Witch princess

Little witch

Witches from movies and television:

Witch king (Lord of the rings)

Disney witch

The lion, the Witch and the wardrobe

Bewitched witch

And witch accessories:

Witch cauldrons

Witch masks

Witch brooms

Witch noses

Witch makeup

Hopefully this has helped to get witch costumes back in the streets this Halloween!

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