Anti- Heroes Rise with Deadpool and Magneto Back in Action: Evil Costumes Unite

Hollywood continues to impress us with their movie making abilities. After a top weekend at the box office with Xmen Origins: Wolverine, 20th Century Fox announced two new films. The first film is going to star Magneto. X-Men Origins: Magneto is set to release in 2011. The latest in the comic series takes us back to the beginnings of Eric Lensherr and Charles Xavier.

We already know from the first X-Men film that Eric was alive during the Nazi capture of Jews. His parents were ripped from his arms, and as he became angry he manipulated the metal surrounding the camp. He did survive, but the question has always been how and why? We know from the other three films that Magneto and Charles Xavier were friends, but when did they meet? What caused the riff we all see? These and more questions will be answered with the Xmen Origins film.

deadpool costume

The second film which has been confirmed is a spinoff from X- Men Origins Wolverine involving Deadpool. Ryan Reynolds played such a convincing character that he will be returning as Deadpool. Deadpool has super powers just like the rest of the mutant cast, but he is a little different from the rest of his buddies. Deadpool’s mother died of cancer, of which he has the same affliction. To stop the inevitable death Deadpool, then known as Wade Wilson entered the same military program as Wolverine. Unfortunately success is not attained because Deadpool becomes a killer mutant in which no one can stop him from causing trouble. He is also severely unhinged.

For fans the excitement is great because we get more background information and new costumes. Deadpool costumes will be changing from what we saw in X-men Origins Wolverine. The new costume will be more sinister and infinitely more involved.

magneto costume

The Magneto costume will also be changing. We have seen him in black and red, now the two will merge to look more evil as his character evolves into the man we found in X- Men the Last Stand. If that is not enough excitement for you, you still have X- men Origins Wolverine costumes from the latest movie.

I for one can’t wait to see how the new movies play out, and how these anti heroes evolved into the forces they become!!

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