An unlikely “Tooth Fairy” comes to theatres!

Everyone has their own idea of what the Tooth Fairy looks like. Either small and spritely, or tall and stately, a winged, tutu-wearing woman who might look a tad like Glinda the Good Witch from the Wizard of Oz. Others might see the Tooth Fairy as a burly, cross-dressing dude in a pink and purple tutu with sparkly fairy wings. (Hey! It’s the 21st century! Why not!?)

Regardless of how you view the Tooth Fairy she or he traditionally deposits a quarter (or however much a tooth is worth now due to the cost of inflation) beneath the pillow of children who have lost a tooth. The kid puts their tooth under their pillow, and during the night, the Tooth Fairy swaps out the teeth in exchange for cash and prizes. Not a bad deal! (Too bad they don’t do that for adults!)

Due in theatres January 22, 2010, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson steps into the role of the Tooth Fairy. Banish any notion of frilly tutus. While he will have wings, The Rock’s version of the Tooth Fairy sports a much more masculine get up, as evidenced by the movie poster for the flick, although there are a few scenes with him sporting more traditional Tooth Fairy garb. The film’s premise focuses on a cocky minor-league hockey player who is famous for knocking out the teeth of opponents. When he gets busted by the REAL Tooth Fairy (Julie Andrews) for killing dreams, he is enrolled in a crash course in Tooth Fairy school — complete with wings and pastel blue tights!

Check out the trailer here.

Consider dressing as a traditional Tooth Fairy, or the Rock’s more sporty version, complete with knee pads and elbow pads for something unexpected!

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