An “Udderly” Good Deal: Break Out Your Cow Costumes!

A cow costume makes a great mascot or infant costume. Babies look so cute when they are dressed up as animals, even when it is a cow. For some reason we all find the cow costume to be rather popular, perhaps because it can be a double costume or single. While Halloween is still months away you have an opportunity to dust of your cow costume and wear it this Friday.

If you have a little adventure in your soul and love to dress up then July 10th is the right day for you. Chic-fil-A is an all chicken restaurant started in the south and moving its way west. Every restaurant on Friday is holding a costume day in which you can show up in your cow outfit for a free meal. What makes it even better is the costume competition. A photo can be taken, submitted to their website, and prizes will be won. If you want to wow Chic-fil-A consider a costumzee mascot cow costume. They have outfits for the whole family if you want to have a free meal for everyone that day.

Cow costumes do not have to be used just for a special meal! You can wear cow costumes at your next costume party or Halloween. Is your child particularly enamored with animals? You may consider an all animal costume party for their next birthday. You would need a couple of different animals for such fun. A cow is just one option. A duck costume is quite popular for children or the sheep costume. There are plenty of animal costumes for you to choose from if you want an animal themed costume party.

Restaurants do not have to be the reason you dress up, but they are sure a great reason to drag out your cow costume and show your appreciation for Chic-fil-A.

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