Amazing Rogue Cosplay Costume

Supa Tuna attended ComicKaze 2011 wearing this really good Rogue costume (kudos for the pictures too), and what’s interesting is that she almost did not make it to the conference – that would have been a shame!

>This weekend I had a last minute change of plans. My sister had been planning to go down to ComiKaze Expo, and I had no ticket or money to go. Last minute my other sister decided she didn’t want to go so she gave her ticket to me! OAO I was so shocked and surprised. It threw me off guard at first. I’ve been sick all week and had no cosplays to wear. So I got off my bed and finished up my Rogue cosplay. I’ll tell you, it was damn worth it.

> Dressing up as Rogue was the most fun I have ever had in cosplay. I hate to sound conceited but I felt like a celebrity with how many people wanted a photo of or with me. At one point a group of people had lined up and I was literally stuck in one place for 30 minutes.

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