Amazing Paper Mache Clay Masks

Richard Curtis, student at the Northeast State Community College, created these amazing greek-style masks and props for the “Oedipus Rex by Sophocles” play at the Wellmont Regional Center for the Performing Arts Theater.

For the masks, students used a combination of joint compound, boiled linseed oil, tissue paper, flour and glue. The original recipe is available here:

РCheap toilet paper (measure the wet paper pulp, and use 1.24 cups – some rolls contain more paper than needed)

Р1 cup Joint compound from the hardware store (get “regular,” not “fast set” or “light”.)

Р3/4 cup Elmer’s Glue-all

– 1/2 cup White Flour

– 2 tablespoons Linseed Oil

For the body mutilations and bloody wounds, students used liquid latex, coffee grounds and oatmeal.

A pretty cost effective way to make fabulous masks and props for Halloween!


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