After almost 70 years, Archie is getting married!

The perennial teen, Archie is finally growing up after almost 70 years of stringing along the same two girls. It’s a wonder that they’ve both put up with him for so long! However, this time around, Archie is taking the plunge and making a life-long committment to one of these two girls.

The question of “Betty or Veronica” is a long-running one as both girls are equally attractive, but with different temperments. Veronica Lodge is a wealthy, elegant, raven haired heiress who is spoiled by her father — and Archie, who bends over backwards to keep this princess happy and on his arm. On the flipside, there’s Betty Cooper, who in spite of being very different from Veronica, is actually her best friend. Blonde Betty loves sports and is a cheerleader and very easy-going in her persona. Whereas Archie caters to Veronica, Betty is the one who dotes on Archie.

Putting this age-old question to rest, milestone issue #600 of the long-running Archie comics begins the story arc called “The Proposal.” This latest storyline has Riverdale’s redhead popping the question to Veronica Lodge.

Viewing this display of PDA from outside of the jewelry store window, Betty wipes away a tear at seeing Archie choosing Veronica over her and Arch’s best pal Jughead looks on aghast.

Maybe this newest storyline will spark a resurgence in popularity for Archie and his pals. Dress up as the gang from Riverdale with costumes based on some of the most well-known characters from the comic. Choose from looks for Archie, his best friend and food-fanatic, Jughead, and of course, Betty and Veronica.

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