A NEW Nightmare – Review and New Costumes to look forward to!

Were you of the thousands who flocked to theatres to see the remake of “A Nightmare on Elm Street” this past weekend? If not, maybe you’re looking for a reason to see the flick or an unbiased opinion of how this remake stacks up to the original series.

For starters, it wasn’t the best remake, but it certainly wasn’t the worst. Thankfully, it was not a scene-for-scene remake and the writers attempted to add some new twists to the film. Unfortunately, some of those twists made the iconic character of Freddy Krueger very unlikeable. Jackie Earle Haley’s Krueger was EVIL. Great pains seemed to be taken to make Haley’s version of Freddy completely reprehensible. To be fair, 2010’s “Nightmare”¬ù didn’t say the “m-word,”¬ù but it was more explicitly implied that Fred Krueger was a child molester than the 1984 original. The newer film showed Freddy directly interacting with the kids at the preschool where he was a gardener/handyman, forging bonds of friendship with the kids and then betraying them with abuse. The scenes of child abuse were (mercifully) absent from the film, but it was much more implied than it ever was in the original.

Comparing Haley’s version of Krueger to original recipe, Robert Englund: Haley was just creepy and disturbing. There wasn’t anything likeable about his Freddy. He was just evil in the worst way. For instance, when he said to an adult Nancy “I’m your boyfriend now,”¬ù my skin crawled. Ick. However, when Robert Englund’s Freddy said it, I thought, “Yeah”¬¶ Maybe you could be my boyfriend. You’re a little burnt up, but I can work with this.”¬ù Englund’s Freddy was much more charming. Villanous, but still charming He had what the kids today call “swagger.”¬ù Haley’s Krueger was just completely malevolent and creepy.

That said, the only familiar character besides Freddy to make a return appearance was Nancy. Instead of being a wholesome “girl-next-door”¬ù Heather Langenkamp, we get the “Goth Artist Heroine.”¬ù Nancy’s police officer father was nowhere to be found in “Nightmare”¬ù 2.0. Instead, we got Clancy Brown as the Springwood High principal/Molotov-lobbing lynch mob leader of angry parents.

As for Freddy’s makeover, it was much more realistic. The burns looked very real and warped, making Freddy look like a very melted man. It was pretty scary in terms of the realism factor. However, the film’s CG was somewhat lacking. For as advanced as technology is, things weren’t as realistic as they could have been “” or as original. Wes Craven’s death scenes and concepts were much more original, done without the benefit of the technology at Hollywood’s disposal now, over 25 years later.

Even so, fans of both the original “Nightmare” and the remake will be in for a treat this Halloween with new masks coming based on Jackie Earle Haley’s horrifying Freddy Krueger makeup. If you prefer to kick it old school, tons of officially licensed costumes and accessories based on Robert Englund’s original look are available, including the awesome Freddy Krueger Chest of Souls sweater, inspired by one of the scenes in “A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors.”

Even if you don’t feel like getting dressed up as Freddy, other options are available. Try executing CZ’s own DIY idea with the Elm Street Victim costume idea, perfect for a couple’s costume or as enhancement to a friend’s Freddy look!

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