3 Blind Mice & The Farmer’s Wife

My 4 boys and I love Halloween and we always make homemade costumes! The mice are made from sweatpants and sweatshirts with felt on the bellies and their ears are also made of felt and attached to headbands. They have gray tube socks for feet, hands, and tails (which are stuffed with old sweats and floral wire to make them bend). I found some white poles in the garage and used straps from old bookbags for the handles and used red duct tape for the red tips of their canes. The glasses are actually 3D glasses, which are tinted a little but they can still see perfectly! As for the farmer’s wife, its a dress I picked up at a second hand store with some tights and snow boots…since she has to work in the fields too…lol! I used a “Mrs. Claus” wig and some clearance glasses to finish the look! The only thing actually bought as an actual Halloween item was the carving knife. This is always a fun and creative time of year for us, and the boys love to help make their costumes and then play the parts!

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