Zora Queen Rutela costume

What a creation! Check out this – truly – amazing costume of Zora, Queen Rutela Living designed by Hylian Jean.

>There are easily over 300 hours of work in her, not counting the time spent airbrushing her, remaking her eyes (one melted while I was heat-setting paint), making and applying the dots along her headtail, and adding new internal supports to her head before PAX ’11. And I haven’t even made her rib gills or pink overskirt yet! I’d also like to make her coral hair falls a little longer.

Helyan has won costume contests for years…

>I won my high school’s Halloween costume contest three years in a row, with my Star Wars Ewok in 10th grade, my Scooby Doo in 11th, and my Griffin costume in 12th. I’m told my Velociraptor probably would have won in 9th grade if I’d known the contest was at lunch during school rather than at the dance that night.

And there are more photos on Flickr.


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