X-2 Movie DIY Nightcrawler Simplicity

Items to make it all happen are simple to gather, but prices on certain items may vary:

Blue Creme Make Up

Yellow Eye Contact Lenses

Black (or Brown) Leather Duster (worn look, old prefered)

Glossy Black (or brown) Latex paint

Vampire Teeth

Elf Ears

Blue Spray paint

Temporary Indigo Hair Coloring

Hair Gel

Rubber Bands

Blue Spandex Fabric

Torn Jeans or striped pants(any color)

dark button up shirt, black shirt, or brown leather vest

Unbent metal hanger


if you have prehensile toes, this will work out for you. You basically put all these elements together. there are only 4 parts you have to make.

1. The tail

Simply sew that blue spandex into a long tube and fill it with a little fluff or cotton balls and the hanger. Sew on a triangle tip and curl it up. So it doesn’t get in the way, either make it short or attach the far end to the jacket with clear fishing string.

2. The jacket

In the film, they took an old glossed leather duster and sprinkled glossy latex paint onto it Pollock style. balck goes with black, brown with brown. DO NOT GO THROUGH WITH THIS STEP UNLESS YOU ARE OK WITH THIS PERMANENT CHANGE TO YOUR COAT!

3. The hands/ toes

This is optional, but athenticity is a great thing. Nightcrawler has three fingers and two toes. This is what the Rubber bands and spandex are for. Basically, make 6 finger cozies for your fingers. Tie up your pinky and the one next to it, middle and index’s together. have someone help you put the cozies on your fingers and now you have the fingers down. either that or make blue gloves by sewing those fingers together. As for the feet, boots or spats with premade toes work as well. You might be able to find two toed shoes out there.

4. The ears

Spray paint the elf ears blue. Make sure all your blues matchexcept hair(make up,spandex, paint).

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