Will Twilight: New Moon Capture Fans?

The Twilight Saga as it is being called by press is about to get the second instalment in theatres. Already the books have been a massive hit with the younger generations. Most Tweens loved the first movie and have been waiting in anticipation for November 20, 2009 to roll around. We continue to see this in teen movies. Harry Potter sparked even more discussion and press than Twilight has managed, but do not be fooled it is a close race.

Now the question is will Twilight: New Moon be as big a hit as the first movie, even with fans? If you are waiting for an answer you might be getting mixed reviews. There are plenty of individuals who have been able to get early reviews of the movie in, and it seems the fans of the series are quite happy. The critics on the other hand are not. It will have to come down to each person making up their own mind as to whether the new film is worthy.

Having watched the first film, I could see the movies would be for teenagers where heavy romance and heart throbs would be enough. My disappointment came in the slow moving story and quite a few similarities to many of the vampire stories out there. Course I am no longer a teen. The critics of this new movie have stated it is more standing around with a lot of moaning, than acting. Some go so far as to say that it is more about the six pack abs of two main actors standing over the young girl than any real plot.

This second movie has Christ Weitz at the helm of director rather than the original director from the first movie. This could account for the bad reviews or in your mind it could truly change the movie for better. In most places there are at least ten hours until the midnight viewing at theatres. What we can tell you about the movie is that it is sure to be a box office hit raking in the millions, even if fans find it a little disappointing. Another thing we can tell you, is that the Twilight costumes such as vampire costume and werewolf costumes will continue to be hits at costume parties!

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