Will there be a Pirates Movie 5 or Will Costumes have to Suffice?

The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise has already become a billion dollar industry with three movies. On the success of these three the studio, director, and Johnny Depp joined up again to begin filming Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides for the fourth installment. Filming is already taking place in London for a few action scenes and the part of the movie set there. Like much of the other Pirates movies there is going to be several locations for filming throughout the world.

The studio is pushing ahead with this new film mostly due to obtaining Johnny Depp back for Captain Jack Sparrow. This new story centers on Depp’s character and even presents a love interest. Unfortunately, Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom’s characters’ stories ended. It may mean less of a draw on the other hand the movie franchise has picked up Penelope Cruz for the title woman’s character. The two may just be big enough to draw millions back into the theater to see how good the fourth movie is.

There is always a concern for studios that the second, third, and on in a series will not do as well in the box office. However, they have let it slip the writers are already working on a fifth story line. Whether this storyline is produced into a full-fledged movie is going to depend on movie 4. Can this next movie draw in enough of a crowd, especially being in 3D to warrant the production of a fifth Pirates film? We will have to wait and see. The 4th Pirates movie is set to release in May 2011 according to the news sites.

There are other sites talking about filming for movies 5 and 6 back to back. Even some news released that Disney has already decided on two more films. However, according to Hollywood’s Entertainment Tonight and their man directly on the set watching filming for the 4th movie, this has yet to be decided.

It may be that 5 and 6 will be filmed, but if so the question is when. Johnny Depp has several commitments for movies after Pirates 4 stops filming. Plus, the plug could be pulled even on tentative plans for 5 and 6 should 4 flop in the movie theaters.

You may have to settle for your favorite Pirates of the Caribbean costume once movie four is out, if the theater response is not enough.

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