Why I Hate the New Superman Costume!

Interesting perspective

> For one thing, look at the costume itself. Superman was created to embody the characteristics of a classic superhero – incorruptible, fighting against evil, and protecting the innocent. Someone who trumpets those ideals needs to trumpet them loudly. That’s why the costume was designed to be so bright and colorful. Jerry Siegel was even quoted as saying “[let’s] make him as colorful as we can and as distinctive as we can,” with regards to the costume. With that in mind, looking at Singer, and now Snyder’s interpretations of Superman, you can already deem them both failures. Sure, some may say clothes don’t make the man, but with someone as iconic as Superman, there’s just no room for artistic interpretation.

This is a valid point, I tend to agree.

IMO – the snakeskin material, the “bad dude” look will attract more of the most needed movie audience: women.


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