Where’s Waldo Makes a Comeback: Costumes Imminent

Universal and Illumination Entertainment Announced on June 1st 2009 that they have bought the rights to “Where’s Waldo.”¬ù They are planning on making a live action film based on the character. It took a great deal of time to solidify the rights as there was quite a bidding war.

The concept of Waldo was actually known as “Where’s Wally”¬ù when it first came out. The series was created in the UK, and eventually found its way to the US and Canada. The first book was published in 1987. The books eventually created a TV series, comic strip, and video games. The concept of Waldo was to try and find the man in a maze of pictures where other people, animals, and art were given. In some of the books it was quite difficult to find Waldo for the masses of people created. In others there were more buildings and animals which lessened the amount of people Waldo could hide behind.

Though the announcement has been made it is still up in the air as to who will play Waldo in the live action flick. It has been suggested that the studio may be looking towards Jim Carrey, David Cross, Tom Hale, Hugh Laurie, or Rainn Wilson. These are just suggestions at the moment though, and there has been no basis to support that it will be one of these men.

For those looking for a unique costume idea “Where’s Waldo”¬ù costumes will be coming soon. At the moment the costumes for the live action film are being produced. However, it is possible to create your own “Where’s Waldo”¬ù costume while you wait.

There are other costumes from the books you can take advantage of. In some of the books clown costumes showed up often. Egyptian costumes can also be used for a whole “Where’s Waldo”¬ù party. Waldo traveled to many countries like Egypt, the North Pole, and even the Amazon Rainforest. So Japanese costumes or Mexican outfits will fit right in to the whole “Where’s Waldo”¬ù theme you might want for a child’s birthday party.

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