What’s your Presidential Party?!

With the cold weather sticking around for at least six more weeks (Thanks for nothing, Punxsutawney Phil!), federal holidays and days off are a ray of sunlight dropped into a dreary winter. If you’re fortunate to have the day off, February 24th is President’s Day. Originally intended to celebrate First President George Washington’s birthday with Abraham Lincoln (a fellow Commander-in-Chief with a February birthdate), President’s Day honors all of the 44 men to serve in the nation’s highest office. Celebrate the day in style with a “Presidential Party” to kick off a three-day weekend.

With a new President in office and Inauguration Day recently past, it’s a perfect opportunity to turn President’s Day 2009 into more of an event than usual! Prepare some bi-partisan palatte pleasers like “Red White and Bleu Cheese” Red Delicious apples sliced and smeared with bleu cheese or “Congressional Corn Chilli” for guests to snack on. Dress up as your favorite presidents — past or present! Dress up as George Washington or Abraham Lincoln, two of history’s most notable and noble figures. Top notch vinyl masks are also available of recent presidents like the outgoing George Bush and new President, Barack Obama.

First Ladies can also have a good time with trying to copy famous inaugural ball gowns or picking up masks and costumes offered featuring the likenesses of Martha Washington and Jackie Kennedy.

Most importantly… Enjoy your President’s Day off!!

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