What did you think?

What is the Dej_† vu? What is this fleeting imprinted in the memory?

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Author Name: Fran Manushkin No. Of Pages: 32 Pages Publisher: Nonfiction Picture Books
Merchant: Staples
When legendary Red Sox hitter Ted Williams died on July 5, 2002, newspapers reviewed the stats, compared him to other legends of the game, and declared him the greatest hitter who ever lived. Richard ...
Merchant: Walmart US
Set to the pulsating soundtrack of Mexican rock music, director Paul Leduc's gritty look at life in the ghettoes of Mexico City during the 1980s ventures into the places rarely seen by tourists and ou...
What Do You Think of That Noise (CD)
Help children develop problem-solving techniques for their everyday lives with this resource guide Offers guidance for kids on how to deal with daily dilemmas. Features over 70 situations. Addresses f...
Award-winning filmmaker Paul Leduc directed this gritty musical drama about life in the ghettos of Mexico City during the 1980s. With a soundtrack of Mexican rock music, the camera takes the viewer th...
Merchant: Walmart US
Print Singles: Hey Art Directors ""What Do You Think About Illustrators?
Brand: PrintMerchant: MyDesignShop.com
long description is not available
Merchant: Walmart US
Created with the Bliss Spa heritage in mind, Genius Polish incorporates the moisturizing benefits of skin care and brings them to nails. This multi-benefit nail lacquer is infused with Milk Thistle Ex...
To know who you are, you have to know where you came from. In this captivating reality series, 8 celebrities share their life-altering discoveries. Working with genealogists, historians, and researche...
Brand: SonyMerchant: Walmart US

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