Welcome to Costumzee

Costumzee is a study in building a community around a very specific niche, in this case halloween costumes. This is our development blog (which seems to be a very fasionable, web 2.0, thing to do.)

Driven by the desire to build a revenue generating performance marketing site that also serves a useful purpose to end users, we came up with the concept of Costumzee. Users looking for costume ideas will find an endless path of costume categories and types to browse through.

As they continue on their search for customes, they may create a profile, add their own costume ideas and comments upload their own pictures, and save specific costume products for later reference.

And when the party’s over they can come back and post pictures of their costume “” hopefully to help someone else later decide on their own costume.

Where’d the name come from? We just made it up. It’s pronounced costume-ZEE! (something like chimpanzee).

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