Weekend Plans May include Werewolf Costumes!

Wolfman is no stranger to the movie screen. He has been remade and remade a number of times. The Wolfman 2010 film is based on a remake of the 1941 horror classic. This time the director is Joe Johnsont, with such stars as Benicio del Torro, Anthony Hopkins, Emily Blunt, Hugo Weaving, and Geraldine Chaplin. This movie was originally slated for a November 2009 release, but alas it has taken until February 12, 2010 to actually come to theatres.

So this Friday, the weekend can start out with a little furry horror. In fact, many will find it is guaranteed to have that sweetie of your squeezing your hand or holding you tight. It’s really the only way to start off a Valentine’s Day weekend, especially if you can talk your girl or guy into the theatre. It might have some bad reviews, even be a little lame with a retold story, but there is no better way to start out the weekend right than a little jumping and screaming to warm your heart.

You might even need a werewolf costume to add to the fun!

Of course, this is only one way to share the holiday weekend. You have until Sunday to make Valentine’s Day plans, and with a box office weekend gearing up for fun, you might find the Valentine’s Day movie more in-line with your romantic side. Valetine’s Day is also released on Friday, with yet another star studded cast. This time names like Julia Roberts, Patrick Dempsey, and Jennifer Garner will move you towards the theatre. There are more than ten stars in this film with a plot moving from each couple’s Valentine’s experience.

For this one you might require a little help from a Cupid costume!

If costumes are not up your alley, have no fear for there is always something to make the holiday a lovely and romantic one. You might set a romantic dinner with candle, wine, and dance music or find yourself out and about at a play or dinner theatre. Only your imagination will limit you this weekend.

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