Wearing an Elf Costume Pays Off

> After dressing as an elf for two weeks, Peter Scelfo ’15 won a freshman seat on the Student Assembly, drawing 819 votes in this week’s election. Scelfo received 146 votes more than his nearest competitor and 436 more than last year’s highest vote-getter.

So you ask, why an elf costume?

>“I had never really thought of any particular campaigning strategies until [Sept. 7],” Scelfo said. “Then, as I was writing my name in class, I realized for the first time that the word ‘elf’ was inside it. I guess that’s when it all started.”

>“Drunk people returning from Collegetown apparently really love elves,” Scelfo said. “There were three girls who started jumping up and down on Thurston Bridge when they saw me and ran all the way up to Balch for a picture. I was there until 3:45 in the morning.”

Asked if he was to have the same [working!] strategy next year in a different costume,he answered:

>“People thought I was Robin Hood, Peter Pan and the Keebler Elf,” Scelfo said. “Will I run off one of those next year? Probably.”

Maybe this will become a phenomena, we’ll keep our eyes opened!

Congratulations to Peter!


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