Watchmen film Costumes Revealed!

Another eagerly anticipated movie based on a classic graphic novel, the first images for the costumes for the super heroes and villains of “Watchmen” have been released. Based off of the graphic novel by Alan Moore (who also wrote V For Vendetta, which was made into an excellent film starring Natalie Portman), “Watchmen” is set in alternate world in 1985 with nuclear war hovering in the background. In the midst of world chaos, a team of superheroes who have long been disbanded come together once more to investigate the murder of one of their own.

Directed by Zach Snyder (who also helmed 300, Watchmen isn’t scheduled to hit the theatres until March of 2009. However, buzz is heavy for this cult favorite comic book-turned-film. Although the costumes for the film have been released, so far, no mention has been made of any “Watchmen” costumes for the public to sport to Halloween parties or even Comic Conventions. Until some licensed and ready-to-wear “Watchmen” costumes hit the market, those talented enough to craft their own costumes can use the recently released images as inspiration!

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