Watchmen costumes are here!!!

Arguably the hottest comic book property to hit the silver screen in 2009, the long-awaited film version of Alan Moore’s classic graphic novel Watchmen is due in theatres on March 6. While you have to wait until next month to check out the film in theatres, Costumzee has the scoop on the Watchmen costumes before the film officially drops! Check out a trailer for the film here or any of our various character pages here on Costumzee to see some of the fan-made viral trailers centering on Watchmen’s main characters.

If you’re planning on dressing up as your favorite character on Watchmen’s cinematic premiere at your local theatre or if you’re just getting a head start on Halloween (Yeah, it’s only February… But it’s never too early for Halloween!) or a great look for an upcoming ComicCon, we’ve got all your costumed bits covered.

Although there are costumes for each and every one of the main characters of Watchmen, we predict that fan favorites like the enigmatic Rorschach and the cut-throat Comedian will be popular items. So far, only a mask — as opposed to a full-body costume — is available for Dr Manhattan, but we will keep you updated if anything new hits the shelves.

Not to leave out the ladies, wigs and costumes based on the Silk Spectre are also available. Check out our costuming page for hints on how to make a vintage Silk Spectre, Sally Jupiter also seen in the film.

UPDATE 02/13/2009: The Watchmen costumes finally made it for the public! Read more about the unveiling of the watchmen costumes

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