Warp Speed Ahead! – Star Trek Movie and Costumes

Although it’s a little early to start planning for 2009, the rabid fanbase of Star Trek fans will be eager to check out the newest Star Trek movie coming next year. Both hype and hopes are high as the film is being directed by J.J. Abrams, the mind behind television’s “Lost” and the recent hit film, “Cloverfield.” As with most of Abrams-helmed projects, not much footage has been released on the film besides that it centers on the early days of the Starship Enterprise under James T. Kirk and that “Heroes”‘ Zachary Quinto stars as young Spock and several other big names are also part of the cast. A teaser trailer with tiny tidbits of footage can be found here.

The anticipation of the latest Star Trek film will no doubt have Trekies plotting a Romulan run on costumes to head to comic cons, Star Trek fan conventions, and even the premiere of the film before the Enterprise finally lands in May 2009. Pick up a Star Trek in either red, yellow, or blue”¬¶. Uh, just use a bit of caution in case you’re wearing the infamous “red shirt” uniform. Get in touch with your stoic Vulcan side with some pointed Spock ears. Strike fear into your enemies with a Klingon mask, fit for a fierce warrior. Or just show some pride with a Star Trek Federation pin or a Klingon Communicator Badge pin.

Hopefully as more details on the film emerge, so will some cool costumes. Who wouldn’t want a costume replica of vintage Trek villain “Khaaaaaaaan!”, complete with Ricardo Montalban’s manly http://costumzee.wpengine.com/tag/grey+mullet/grey mullet and prosthetic chest plate. Set your phasers on stun and prepare to engage!

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