Want a Free meal? Dress up as a cow tomorrow!

Atlanta-based restaurant chain Chick-fil-A will celebrate its annual Cow Appreciation Day event tomorrow Friday July 11th 2008, by offering a free meal to any customer who isn’t too chicken to visit its restaurants fully dressed as a cow.

Here is the deal: you will receive a FREE COMBO MEAL if you are dressed as a cow from head to “hoof”, or a FREE ENTREE if you’re partially disguised as a cow…

They’ve been in business for 40 years, I wonder is that event has been going on for that long!

Ok, now is the question? Would you wear this kind of cow costume for a free meal?

I hope they post photos of their customers doing so!

Good marketing though. They created a site just to give tips on how to dress as a cow, so visit Cowappreciationday.com to find a few cow costume ideas!

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