Vamping up your Costume with Colored Contacts

As we all know, Twilight and its sequels have been on the top of the list for Halloween costumes since its first release in theaters. It can be assumed that this Halloween will be no different with Vampire costumes lighting the stage. Whether you want to be a vampire with an Edward costume or a Dracula costume one thing is for certain. You will want to look at the costume accessories like colored contacts to add to the look. You no longer have to add a bit of makeup and hope your eyes will make the cut. You can also enhance your look with Halloween colored contact lenses.

You do not even have to dress up as a vampire. You could choose a cat costume, manson costume, or pirate costume and still use these added accessories. Plenty of stores sell non prescription lenses, and online stores may even have prescription colored contacts to help vamp up your costume look for the next Halloween. This year it is about more than the costume and make up its about totally becoming the character even if its a cosplay costume choice!

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