Unique Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

Use these unique Halloween costume ideas to put a sibling twist on traditional costumes, or a sinister twist on traditional costumes for solo kids!

Costume Duos For Siblings And Best Friends

There is nothing unusual about a Little Red Riding Hood costume, but Little Red Riding Hood with the big bad wolf in tow will really turn some heads! Here are some unique Halloween costume ideas for siblings and best friends that will really shake up the old costume standbys.

A Couple of Tourists

These costumes are fun and easy to make. Just visit a second-hand store or rummage through your closet! The concept of the stereotypical tourist only becomes funnier when done in pairs, because tourist couples so often dress exactly alike! This costume pair works best for boy-girl sibling and best friend combinations.

Each kid should wear a pair of sandals, with dark socks pulled up as high as they go. They also need matching fanny packs, big sunglasses, sun visors, loud Hawaiian shirts and khaki or checkered shorts. Girls can wear skirts, but they should be khaki or checkered to match the other costume. Hang a big camera or camera case around the neck of one child, and have the other carry beach bag, preferably a mesh bag with sunscreen and a colorful beach towel inside.

A fun alternative to loud Hawaiian shirts is actual tourist souvenir shirts from your last vacation. Souvenir key chains, buttons and stickers also make great accessories.

Sinister Costumes For Solo Kids

Use these unique Halloween costume ideas to make even the sweetest Halloween costume supremely scary!

Zombie Fairytale Favorites: Start with a traditional kids costume from a fairytale or story. Alice in Wonderland, Hansel, Gretel, Cinderella, Jack from Jack in the Beanstalk or Snow White are good costumes to start with, or use the Little Red Riding Hood costume described above.

Now turn your fairytale character into a zombie! First create wounds, boils and other gross skin conditions on your zombie’s face, hands and arms using layers of liquid latex. Then, use white face paint to make pale zombie flesh, and gray eye shadow to create sunken eyes and cheeks, and add a gray pallor to your zombie’s flesh. Now, apply some fake blood here and there “‚Äú over the latex scars and coming out of your zombie’s ears and mouth.

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