Tutorial: LMFAO Halloween Costume

It was simply a question of time before someone thought about it! LMFAO “Laughing My F***ing Ass Off” has been on every radio station in the past 2 months, and recently a video of a house with Halloween light show running on Party Rock Anthem went totally viral.

So what do you need?

РA pair of the duo’s signature specs (sans lenses of course).

РMake sure your animal print pants are outta control — like this pair or this pair.

– Shuffling shoes. No need to shell out $120, when you can make your own. Grab some paint pens, super glue (or a glue gun), and some rhinestones.

РOpt for one of your favorite LMFAO t’s or go for a bright print t-shirt.

Animal print jacket (be sure to cur off your left sleeve like Redfoo). We’re feeling this one from Wet Seal.

– A curly wig to go as Skyblu or an afro to go as Redfoo

Read the instructions here: Idolator

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