Trick ‘R Treat… Coming to your door AND theatres!

Saw V may have competition this Halloween as another possible horror franchise makes its way into theatrest on October 31st. While Saw is straight-ahead horror, Trick ‘R Treat blends horror and comedy, attempting to offer something different. Check out a trailer for the film here and read more about the film here.

Originally scheduled for release last year, Trick R Treat’s distribution was pushed back until Halloween of this year. In the anthology horror tradition of films, Trick ‘R Treat features four separate stories that end up intertwining by the end of the film. Boasting an all-star cast featuring Anna Paquin (of the X-Men series of films and HBO’s new series,Tru Blood), Leslie Bibb, and Brian Cox, among others; the film’s four stories all center around the traditional “rules” and rituals of Halloween and a mythos laid down by the (potential) series itself:

Wear a costume.

Hand out treats.

Never blow out a jack o’lantern.

And always check your candy.

Hey! Who are we to argue! Especially with Rule #1!

Not much else is known about the film, but the promotional posters show a little, burlap-mask wearing creature known only as “Sam” that may just be the film’s franchise character. In addition to an action figure from Sideshow Toys, there are masked and unmasked versions of Sam. Just in case you want to get aboard the film’s bandwagon early, you may want to snap up some of these items. Even if it’s not your cup of tea, remember: bad things can happen if you’re not wearing a costume!

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