Trick or Treating costume: English Nanny McPhee!

The Nanny Diaries is an upcoming movie starring Scarlett Johansson…that redefines the nanny look right there!

“A college student (Johansson) goes to work as a nanny for a rich New York family. Ensconced in their home, she has to juggle their dysfunction, her studies, a new romance, and the spoiled brat in her charge.” more at IMDb

Learning about this movie actually helped out coming with a few costume ideas, one of them probably being a pretty good one.

If you’re looking for a costume to wear for trick and treating with the kids, why not wear a nanny costume? Well, not Johansson college student outfit 🙂 but a funny one, like the Nanny McPhee costume! It’s serving the right purpose with checking on the kids during the night and with the proper makeup, you will definitely be a scary nanny in the streets, how fun!

So grab your English nanny costume here, buy some makeup and you’ll look perfect for your trick and treating night!

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