Tom Arma – Costume ideas for babies

Did you know that until the 1st week of October, 90% of online searches for Halloween costumes include words such as “kid”, “child”, “children”, “baby”, “babies” or “toddler”? Parents shop for their kids before they shop for themselves, usually called speed-shopping in the last 10 days prior to Halloween.

To help the parents out there, we have already blogged about Disney princess costumes, and today we are going to let you know about a pretty popular costume idea for babies and toddlers.

If you are not familiar with Tom Arma, well, you’re missing on probably the cutest baby costumes out there! You have probably already seen Tom Arma’s work while walking at the Mall or at a baby store, but did you know there were Tom Arma costumes for babies? Yes, you can dress your baby as a monkey, a skunk, a bear or a zebra! How cute is that!

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