The Vader Project – Set Your Star Wars Costume Apart!

Several years ago, a bunch of artists got together to collaborate on a geeky, yet totally awesome project that had fans of outsider art and sci-fi nerds alike salivating. It was called The Vader Project. The idea behind The Vader Project was that each artist participating would take the iconic, simple, black Darth Vader mask and customize it into something fresh and exciting.

Some artists went with a particular character in mind, like the insanely colorful Vader Carmen Miranda mask Admit it. You would never imagine the ultimate Dark Lord of the Sith in hot pink with a bowl of fruit on his head!) and Vader Statue of Liberty. Other artists chose to re-do Darth Vader’s helmet with a specific type of art style like graffiti or Tokidoki.

The Vader Project exhibit has traveled the world, appearing at Comic Cons and other shows and exhibits around the country. Now, each full-scale Darth Vader helmet that has been a part of the exhibit will be auctioned off on July 10, 2010 at Freeman’s Auction House in Philadelphia, PA. You can find out more about the masks and auction at The Vader Project website.

Even if you can’t afford any of the Vader Project masks, you can customize your own unique Darth Vader helmet with officially licensed Star Wars costumes and masks. Grab some acrylic paints and brushes to create your own Vader paint scheme on your helmet. Take a look at some of the Vader Project masks going up for auction that might give you a little inspiration!

Hillbilly Vader:


The UniVader


Vader of Liberty


(My personal favorite) Vader Miranda

It's Vader Miranda!

It's Vader Miranda!

I don’t know what to call this stylized version of Vader, but it looks really cool:


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