The Smurfs are making a comeback in 2011!

Remember the Smurfs? They stood no more than three apples high and were tiny blue critters that lived in mushroom shaped houses in the forrest. They used the word “Smurf” as a noun, verb, and adjective in each of their sentences? They scampered through the forrest singing “La, la, la, la-la, laa! La, la, la, la-la!” Well, those little blue creatures that children of the ’80s grew up with are making their way to the silver screen, sometime in 2011. The film is scheduled to be a mix of 3D animation and live-action performers.

Among the actors attached the project are John Lithgow as the voice of Papa Smurf, the kind, yet authoritative leader of the tiny creatures and character actor, Wallace Shawn (Cyrus on Gossip Girl) as the evil wizard, Gargamel, who wants to destroy the Smurfs.

So far, no trailers are available for the film, although a tentative movie poster is available (see above). While the trailers and other goodies for the film are still M.I.A., the Smurfs have already been out in full force in preparation for their feature film relaunch, floating down the streets of New York City at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade this year.

Capitalize on the Smurfs trend before it even happens by gearing up to dress up as your favorite Smurf. Check out how to make your own Papa Smurf costume or any of your other favorite male Smurfs with some fun ideas for accessories and the meat n’ potatoes of the costume! Ladies can also get dressed up as Smurfette, the lone female Smurf (until Grandma Smurf and Sassette came along later on in the series) in Smurf Village. Get the jump on what’s sure to be a fun retro trend for the children of the children of the ’80s to enjoy in 2011!

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