The Olympics make for Controversial Costumes

If you’ve been watching the Olympics, you’ve seen a fair share of controversy within a number of sports. In terms of costumes, however, the Russian world champion ice dancing team of Oksana Domnina and Maxim Shabalin have incurred the wrath of Australian Aboriginal representatives with the costumes worn in their performance. With Aboriginal spokespersons complaining that Domnina and Shabalin’s costumes — made of flesh-toned bodystockings with tribal paint, red loincloths and green, leafy foliage — were offensive and culturally inaccurate, depicting an image the ethnic group wanted to get away from, this may or may not have had bearing on the Olympic judges’ awarding the previous World Champion Russian pair a third place bronze medal.

Additionally, in the Free Dance performance at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, Shabalin used belts on Domnina’s costume to help aid in some unique lifts on the ice for maximum razzle-dazzle effect. The Russian pair’s controversial costumes will likely prompt a total revision rules and regulations of dance attire in the Olympics in years to come.

While Russia’s skating duo haven’t been the only ones to generate controversy (Dutch speedskater Sven “Wrongway” Kramer who was disqualified for skating in the wrong lane and U.S. skier Julia Mancuso whose comments about her teammate, Lindsey Vonn have put several up in arms, and U.S. bronze snowboarding medalist Scotty Lago whose hijinx with his medal were the subject of some risque photographs), there are still an air of true competition sans controversy in the Winter Olympics.

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