The ideal serial killer costume: Dexter!

Ok, i have to disclose this: i am a big fan of Dexter.

In actually 17 minutes, I’ll be watching SEASON 2: EPISODE FOUR – “See-Through” on Showtime… Showtime programmed all Summer long the first 2 seasons of Dexter on Sunday nights for anyone to catch up before the new 3rd season.

But maybe you’ve never heard of Dexter, then please, read the rest because you might be missing on something.

“During the day, Dexter Morgan is a jovial employee in the Miami Metropolitan Police Department’s crime lab, but his meticulously crafted life masks his true nature. In reality Dexter is a disciplined and murderous psychopath (a self-admitted “monster”), and he slakes his blood lust at night by carefully killing the serial killers he tracks down during the day.” more at IMDb.

This is a great show, it’s well done, well played and the story line is nothing but surprising. If you liked The Sopranos, Six Feet Under or Big Love, then you will love Dexter.

What made me decide to write about this tonight, is that I discovered 10mn ago that there is a Dexter costume available! Totally new, right for Halloween 2008, the idea serial killer costume is now here!

It actually reminds me of the outfits worn in the movie Hostel by the customers/killers…

hostel costume

So you could always turn this around fro Dexter to be one of the Hostel killers 🙂

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