The Half Blood Prince Delivers Harry Potter Costumes

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince was released on July 15, 2009. As with all anticipated films, the sixth film had a midnight showing around the United States. It is fair to say that these showings were sold out. But was this long wait worth it? If, you are talking about the costumes then most definitely the wait was worth it. The Harry Potter costume shed most of his Hogwarts robes this year, to give us jeans and a sweater or tee shirt for most of the film. Hermione Granger was dressed smartly with her jeans and solid colored sweaters as well. The two costumes that stand out most from the movie were Ron Weasley and Dumbledore.

Ron Weasley tried out for the Quidditch team yet again for movie six, but this time the costume had a bit more to it. For the Ron Weasely Quidditch look you will need Gryffindor robes, which are red and yellow. Your sweater should be the same red and yellow, with matching knee socks. The sweater and socks need to be striped the robe is mostly red, with Gryffindor symbols in yellow. To Ron Weasley costumes this year the movie world added a protective helmet. This leather helmet was also in red. With the red hair to match it was quite the costume. Ruppert Grint was certainly able to pull it off for a few laughs.

Dumbledore costumes were also altered this year. In book six Dumbledore comes against a nasty Horcrux that takes a nasty bite out of Dumbledore’s life span. Already at a great age Dumbledore feels his life is not as important as Harry’s, perhaps the very reason why he takes many risks in movie 6. For Dumbledore costumes you will need the blue robes he constantly wears, with the long beard, and white hair down the back. You will also want the special wand he always carries, but the difference for this year’s costume comes in the right hand. Not only you will need to look aged for Dumbledore, but you will need to have a black right hand.

The costumes were definitely everything we could hope for, in giving us more ideas for Halloween or Harry Potter costume parties. Unfortunately, as one who was first in line yesterday morning for the film I was slightly disappointed. There was much hype about Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. We all waited until July, even though the movie was first set to release in November. Harry Potter fans all hit the official site for the trailers, anticipation about Harry and Dumbledore finding a Horcrux, only to come back to a major fight was not rewarded. Suffice it to say, the big fight was taken out, a lot of time was spent showing the train and scenery, and not much taking us through the story. It might seem a little harsh, but I am a huge Harry Potter fan. I own the books and the movies. I was very excited to see how they would interpret this new film, hoping the story would be moved along with the talents of the actors. The talent was there, but they were not given opportunity to use it. With so much action in the book I was amazed to see so little in the film throughout most of it. Still, I will add this film to my collection, as it was not all bad. There were definitely points of laughter, and good acting.

Dumbledore Costume

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