The Doodlebops: another musical costume idea!

Yesterday, we talked a bit about the High School Musical costumes and the incredible success of the movie television show.

Today, we have another successful musical related idea to present: the Doodlebops!

The Doodlebops is a Canadian musical pop band for pre-school children. The Doodlebops’ characters are members of a kids’ band, not unlike The Wiggles that you may have also have heard about. The band members wear heavy makeup and/or prosthetics to look like live-action cartoon characters. (read more at wikipedia).

And like any other successful show, the Doodlebops get to have their own costumes:

Deedee Doodle costumes: Deedee Doodle plays the keytar and keyboard.

Moe Doodle costumes: Moe Doodle plays the drums.

Rooney Doodle costumes: Rooney Doodle, the boy, plays the electric guitar.

Doodlebops wigs: you will find wigs for every character.

Kids love them, they are funky looking and original, so check out the Doodlebops costumes and let your child choose the character he or she wants to be for Halloween!

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