The Costumer


I am The Costumer and am new to this site.

I enjoy costuming very much and generally stick to historical characters or clothing.

I have costumed as Washington, Mozart, Bach, Ben Hur, Merlin The Magician, Monsieur Beaucaire and Duke D’Orleans, both French Aristocrats, Charley’s Aunt, A Colonial Party Gentleman,An Elderly Grandmother, A Colonial Tradesman,A Spinster Aunt, A Midieviel Friar, A Mother Superior Little Lord Fauntleroy and most recently Martha Stewart.

My photo shows me as The French Aristocrat Monsieur Beaucaire.

I have The Vampire Lestat and Ichobod Crane in the works.

My most current costume character is that of Martha Stewart The Domestic Diva in about six different outfits as well as the Martha Stewart apron for the kitchen scene.

It’s nice to be here and hope to get some new ideas.

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