The Big Lebowski’s 10 Year Aniversary – And Comedy Movie Costumes!

It’s been a decade since The Dude, Walter, and Donnie rolled their ways into the finals. Dios mio, man! That’s right. The Big Lebowski celebrates its ten-year aniversary. While the Cohen Brothers’ film never got its due when it was initially released in 1998, The Big Lebowski became an underground cult classic. With a host of memorable characters like the stoned, middle-aged slacker Jeffrey Lebowski – aka – The Dude (Jeff Bridges) and his volatile Vietnam vet friend Walter (played by John Goodman), and even more entertaining minor characters like the “pederast” ex-con Jesus Quintana, an avid bowler who wears a skintight purple polyester jumpsuit; the film has now been embraced and given a place of honor on the DVD shelf of collectors. Fans of this cult film are so rabid, a “Lebowski Fest” had been instituted with fans of the film gathering together.

This Halloween, embrace your inner Dude and get dressed up as characters from The Big Lebowski or other modern comedy classic characters. Try an easy, DIY Lebowski costume.

If that’s not your thing, pay homage to everyone’s favorite export from Kahzakstan, Borat. If you’re feeling particularly brave, you too can rock the lime green “mankini” that he was so fond of.

Make your own Ron Burgundy Anchorman costume with a simple wig and a blazer, or if going as a doofus duo, dress as Dumb and Dumber with Harry and Lloyd’s infamous, hideous blue and orange tuxedo costumes!

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