The Big Head Halloween Project

> The Big Head project is one of these experiments. It‚Äôs a large, head-mount box with a 24‚Ä_ LCD on the front showing a live video view of the wearer‚Äôs face. Of course, the face is flat, slightly miscolored, unmistakeably a video and much larger than usual.

> The wearer’s face is captured with a video camera looking through a half-silvered mirror. There’s a second camera, which captures a view from the front of the box, near the eyes of the on-screen face. The outside view is shown on an internal LCD, which reflects on the half-silvered mirror; this way the wearer can look directly at the LCD and the camera at the same time. (This is essentially a tele-prompter, like Errorl Morris’ Interrotron).

It weighs around 40lb and supported by the hips.


From Gururamen

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