The Beast Costume Returns for a 21st Century Look

If you are not up on your teen releases this is a good time to start! A lot of play has been given to the latest Twilight Saga release and the upcoming Harry Potter. However, there is one movie that you might not want to overlook. Releasing in theaters on July 30, 2010 is the film Beastly. From its name you might not realize it is a 21st tween rendition of Beauty and the Beast. For those who have just witnessed the preview in theaters it is certainly very clear that this is a modern day Beauty and the Beast.

So what makes it worth seeing? Well if you are a teenager looking for a fairy tale on screen there are quite a few things that will draw you to the film. It is set in New York where a teenage boy is highly popular, but he believes in only the beauty he can see. His luck turns south as an heir to an empire when he meets a witch. Yes, she curves him to become a beast, but this time the beast costume is not your typical furry feline.

Instead tattoos and jewelry are used to make this bad boy hideous to the world. Banished from school and stuck in his home his father hires a blind teacher to keep him up to date with his studies. As the tale goes on he meets a girl who is about more than just beauty on the outside, but the proverbially question is can he make her fall in love with him and break the curse before it is too late.

The movie will offer us two distinct costumes: the beast and the witch. The witch costume will be perfect for anyone looking for a different witchy look. This girl is no longer dressed in all black, but an interesting melding of current style clothing and makeup of her own.

Alex Pettyfer will be Kyle and the Beast. Many may recognize him as Alex Rider from Stormbreaker or recently as Bradley from Tormented. Dakota Johnson plays Sloan and has appeared in Crazy in Alabama as her first film. You might be shocked to learn that Mary Kate Olsen will also be appearing in the film. This time she is a little hard to recognize since she comes dressed as the witch! With an interesting meshing of cast and director Daniel Barnz it will be interesting to see if this modern day version can really hold its appeal to the teens and across to other generations.

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