Tetris Homemade Costume

If you are looking to be original – and noticed – for Halloween, here is a great idea: a Tetris costume. Most people nowadays should recognize this, unless they have been living in a cave for the past 30 years (Tetris came out in the 1980s) 🙂

You can choose making any of the letters: I, L, J, O, S, T, Z


And there you have it. Check out this great DIY:

> Materials needed for this costume are readily available and require no complex mechanics. Depending on your timeframe and budget, it’s easy to have an effective Tetris costume quickly and quite cheaply. This post outlines only one method of creating the outfit using the following materials: I also bought some spray adhesive, but only used it to join two boxes together before deciding that it wasn’t necessary. If you prefer you can also substitute paint for the wrapping paper. There’s a lot of flexibility in this one.

– Construct your boxes;

– Cover the boxes with wrapping paper/Paint them the desired colour;

– Ensure that you have cut sufficient holes for the wearer to be able to wear the costume (i.e. holes for arms and the face, along with holes in the required boxes to allow the costume to comfortably fit over their body);

– Using tape, attach all four boxes to each other to form the desired Tetris block shape.


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