Terminator Salvation costumes are here!

This was a long time coming, long time awaiting, but there are some new terminator costumes, FINALLY!

Terminator Salvation is the next Terminator movie, starring Batman the Dark Knight Christian Bale as John Connor aka “don’t get on .

I read this week that Governor-Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger is making some kind of appearance in the movie, maybe in the effect of pulling some old scenes from previous Terminator or CGIed his appearance somehow, but in case, it’s pretty cool.

But the news you want to hear here is, what are these new Terminator costumes available?

First of all, there is a John Connor costume:

john connor costume

There is also another costume you can see on the John Connor tag page, but this one above is way better.

Then a T600 costume:

T600 costume

And a T600 mask:

T600 mask

You can always pair the T600 costume with an Arnold Schwarzenegger mask too!

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