Terminator is coming from the future !

# How to build your own (bad) Terminator costume #

## Shopping list##

You will need:

* A serious shotgun: mine is a toy but painted with dark wood varnish (wenge). Cut the butt off to make a riot gun.

* A black leather jacket & black trousers (leather if possible). I used my motorbike jacket because kevlar protection pads made my look bigger.

* Black Boots

* Some electronic parts: chips, resistors…

* And the most important thing: Sunglasses with red lights.

## Building your new eyes ##

But a pair of cheap plastic sunglasses. Glue one red LED to each glass, in the same position your eye is.

Connect the LEDs (some soldering is required) to a long wire and pass it along your neck, back and left arm. Attach two AA batteries (hidden in your sleeve) and finally add a small switch that you can conceal in your left hand.

## All together ##

Put your trousers, t-shirt and boots on. Place sunglasses and wire in the right position and finallly put the jacket on.

Add some electronic parts to a piece of plastic and stick it to a side of your head.

## Be afraid of Terminator ##

Switch your red eyes off, and wait for someone to look at you. Keep a straight face and switch them on quickly to scare them.

I got into many clubs for free with this costume !

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