Teacher Mad Hatter

I’ve got a few pounds and a few years on Johnny Depp (I’m 61) but when the fifth graders in my school started the year studying Alice in Wonderland, I realized I couldn’t miss the opportunity to be the mad hatter. The top hat came from Disney World in the 1970s and the wig was part of a Little Orphan Annie costume I made during the same era. The hat pins are 2nd hand knitting needles and a clearance necklace. I did buy the jacket and vest cheaply on ebay and the pinstriped pants came from a metallic Sharpie. The rest was scavenged around the house and from friends’ closets. I used green yarn to hold the spools together and the gloves came from a discount store for $1. Bedroom slippers and mismatched socks completed the outfit. If I use the costume again I will get darker eye make-up. I did purchase and use white mascara from a theatrical supply house. It was great fun and I was pleased with the costume.

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