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Need advice: semi-sexy Vaudeville style costume?

Ok so, I'm going to a costume party tomorrow and I have limited funds and a limited availability of stuff nearby. I decided I will probably wear a corsette-style black top with tiny white polka dots and trimmed in lace, with these semi-loose pants I have that are patterned in tiny black and white checkers. I'm going to pin the pants up...

Help me choose a sexy Cheerleader Costume!

#1 http://www.mrcostumes.com/Cheerleader-Costumes-C51/Deluxe-Dallas-Cowboys-Cheerleader-Costume-Secret-Wishes-Adult-P126C51.aspx 2 http://www.bellastretch.com/DallasCowboyCheerleaderCostumesp/c200.htm 3 http://www.halloweenexpress.com/dallas-cowboy-cheerleader-deluxe-adult-costume-p-16647.html Thanks! Angie ...