How to Create Bog Body Costume

Legend of the Bog is coming out in theatres on June 9th, 2009. While it may not have an all star cast this is one film that will supply us with a new horror costume for 2009. Halloween and costume parties cannot be complete without at least one zombie! Allow us to give you the Bog Body- an undead creature […]

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Unique Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

Use these unique Halloween costume ideas to put a sibling twist on traditional costumes, or a sinister twist on traditional costumes for solo kids! Costume Duos For Siblings And Best Friends There is nothing unusual about a Little Red Riding Hood costume, but Little Red Riding Hood with the big bad wolf in tow will really turn some heads! Here […]

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How to make a Zombie costume

Zombies as Hollywood and book creatures have always fascinated us. If you are hoping to be the perfect zombie this year you might want to check out the instructions below. We have suggestions on how to use yourself to make the costume on a budget. ##Things You’ll Need:## * Torn clothing * Shoes * Fake blood * Gray face paint […]

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