It’s Now a Zombie Apocalypse of Costumes!

Hollywood, the Gaming Industry, and many others are constantly re-imagining what zombies will look like, what they can do, and basically just adding to our horror. Konami is releasing a new game for Playstation 3 and other game consoles called Zombie Apocalypse. From this new game you can certainly revamp your idea of a zombie costume. In the game a […]

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Dead Marie Antoinette

Let them eat cake! Refusing to let an unfortunate misunderstanding with the guillotine hamper my party lifestyle, i rose again to party! Made this costume at home by refurbishing an old dress with scraps of black fabric and embellishing a basic black corset, then tying my bleeding head back on with a sturdy black ribbon. USED MY OWN HAIR!!! That […]

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Dead Bonnie and Clyde

Bonnie and Clyde after sitting a few days. Zombified and ready for action! Did a lot of historical research (I highly recommend not looking at the autopsy photos, they are very disturbing.) Self – taught special effects makeup really helped to make a homemade costume a true success. Won a costume contest at a large scale public event.

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